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Automate your WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory

An easy onboarding, Zoho certified, next-generation integration platform. Try it now, without any payment obligations.

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Wooventory bulk sync Zoho CRM

Real-time Orders to Zoho

Complete with Products, Billing details, Shipping details, Phone number and Company name via Webhooks.

Bulk Sync your historic data and let each new order, product and customer sync automatically in the background.

Wooventory bulk sync Zoho CRM

Custom Fields Mapping

Using Custom Fields in your Store and want to sync those as well? We got you covered. Sync custom fields like Product serial numbers or the source of the customer to your Zoho CRM.

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Order Status Mapping

Map your WooCommerce Order Statuses with your Zoho CRM Order Statuses and ensure your Automation workflows runs smoothly in Zoho!

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Works with any WooCommerce store

Because no plugin is installed on your site, this integration will allow you to setup any type of store and sell anything you want and have all your relevant data synced to Zoho CRM without a hassle!