Exact Online


Automate your WooCommerce Store to Exact Online

An easy onboarding, Exact certified, complete integration. Try it now, no payment required.

exact online woocommerce
exact online woocommerce
exact online for woocommerce

Real-time Sync

Set up in 2 minutes and enjoy a real-time background sync of:

  • Orders as Invoices
  • Orders as Orders
  • Mandates
  • Customers
  • Products

Setup in 2 minutes

Choose what you want to sync: 

  • Invoices
  • Orders
  • Mandates*

*requires Premium plan, the ACF plugin and our custom plugin which you can request here.

Commercebird Exact Online Settings
Commercebird Exact Online general settings

Map General Data

Map General Settings as Journal, General Ledger Accounts, Invoice Style Template, Tax Rates and much more in a hassle free way!

Tax Rates Mapping

Map all your store’s tax rates with Exact Online tax rates. We also support the EU rates “Within EU” and “Outside EU”. Our system will automatically apply the correct rate based on the customer’s country.

commercebird Exact Online tax mapping

Map Payment Conditions

Map your Exact Payment Conditions with your store’s Order Statuses to ensure your Exact workflows keep running smoothly and your Financial Data is correct.

* Consult with your Accountant before using this feature.

Works with any WooCommerce Store

Because no plugin is installed on your site, this integration will allow you to setup any type of store and have all your relevant data synced to Exact Online!