Why we built Commercebird


Over a year and a half ago we decided to solve a problem that many WooCommerce store owners have; how to manage WooCommerce as a native inventory application outside of WordPress. Many of the existing solutions were plugins, thus still requiring the user to work within the slow WordPress Admin. We decided to approach CommerceBird differently to solve this.


“My first experience with the WooCommerce API was when I started working at Apppresser.com back in 2016 and it’s potential made quite an impact on me. The API was still a work-in-progress back then, limited in features but stable. This allowed us to create a highly successful App Platform for the regular Joe with zero coding experience.” – Fawad (Co-Founder)

In January 2022 the WooCommerce API had finally matured and we felt it was the right time to start developing the Inventory App that would solve the inventory management problem of store owners. After months of hard (and fun) work, we launched a private beta in august 2022 with over 50 signups on the first day.

What is CommerceBird

CommerceBird is a native Web Application to manage Products, Orders and Customers by utilising the WooCommerce API. This means that we do not save any shop data in our database, thus making it mostly a User Interface connected to your shop. This comes with many advantages:

woocommerce payments

Works with all Payment Plugins


Supports Subscription Products and Bundles

  1. Your Data is yours as we simply allow you to manage your WooCommerce Database.
  2. Realtime Data Visibility. Your changes will be immediately visible for your customers.
  3. High Performance App, as there is no use of WordPress Admin but only the WooCommerce API.
  4. Unmatched User Experience as we have the freedom to focus on Usability and Efficiency!


In addition to allowing you to manage your Orders, Products and Customers via our App, we also enriched the app with two popular integrations: Zoho CRM & Exact Online Accounting.

These integrations allow you to:

  • Synchronise Orders complete with customer and product data in real-time.
  • Synchronise Custom Fields of Orders, Products and Customers.
  • Synchronise Bank Accounts and Mandates (Exact Online) when using the Premium plan.
  • Mapping of Order Statuses and Tax Rates
  • Managing purchase orders of these integrations directly from the app and more!


Our vision is to build the best productive WooCommerce Management App for store owners, managers and employees. We want CommerceBird to become the one-stop-shop to process Orders, Manage Stock, purchasing, POS payments, CRM and more.

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