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Exact Online WooCommerce Integration

PerfectHealth is an online vitamine store (medium sized enterprise), that reached out to us in early 2023 to migrate their Exact Online for WooCommerce integration to CommerceBird.


PerfectHealth was using the integration of iwebdevelopment and was not satisfied with it, due to lack of features & flexibility. The company needed direct control on what to sync to Exact Online as well as additional features like payment terms mapping.

Our team analysed together with the PerfectHealth team, the full scope of their requirements and order scenario’s. The analyses could be summarised in these points:

  • Import Costunits and Costcenters into the store, to assign them to Orders & Subscriptions using the ACF plugin.
  • Bankaccount (IBAN) and Mandate should also be synced as part of Customer data.
  • Ability to map the payment terms with the order statuses.
  • Also sync imported orders created via Salesforce API to Exact Online.


After the analyses, we proposed a development planning to PerfectHealth in which we laid out the following phases:

  1. Expand our WP assistance plugin with ability to import costunits & costcenters and support IBAN via ACF fields.
  2. Create User Interface for Payment Terms mapping and connect with Order sync.
  3. Add additional validation in our WP assistance plugin to ensure only paid Orders get synced.
  4. Create custom WP Plugin to receive the Salesforce Order and create it in WooCommerce.


After several months of development, we went live with the proposed solution in October 2023. In the first few months after the go-live, our team worked diligently to solve bugs and further optimize the flow of data for PerfectHealth. This collaboration made PerfectHealth our long term client in which we now also have been given the role of primary IT consultant and Woo Customisation partner.

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